Completed petition Petition to extend the 40mph speed limit in Blaenporth.

​​We the undersigned do hereby petition the Welsh Assembly to extend the 40mph speed limit on the A487 to the parish boundary where the 50 mph limit begins.

At present the 40mph limit ends before what was the local school at Lon-Yr-Ysgol road. The school has now closed, however the children are still here as they are now picked up at the Lon-Yr-Ysgol bus stop where they wait, sometimes accompanied by parents with toddlers, for the school bus. In the afternoon, when they are dropped off at the end of the day it is a different situation in that the children have to negotiate the A487 from the opposite side of the road.

The speed limit at the point where the children have to cross the road is 60mph and traffic, which has been released from the 40mph zone, speeds up and very often overtakes on this straight stretch of road. On the far side of the road there is no slow children crossing sign, no bus stop sign, no bus shelter to give motorists warning of pedestrians crossing.

This is also the point where the disabled access ramp is positioned on both sides of the road which is used not just by disabled but also parents with pushchairs and the elderly with walking frames etc.

There has already been one fatality on this stretch of road and just last week another big vehicle crashed off the road and through the hedge breaking down a large section of fence.

I believe it is only a matter of time before we lose a child.

Since the road speed limit was set, a solar farm has been built with access onto this stretch of road and additional traffic. Also the old school buildings have become a business park with a chip shop, a chiropractor, carpet warehouse, car wash and more to come.

This has all led to an increase in heavy traffic turning into and attempting to exit Lon-Yr-Ysgol.

This petition requests that the Welsh Assembly puts the safety of our children first and foremost and extend the 40mph zone to include the entire stretch of the A487 within the parish boundary.

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