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  1. Invest to ensure all schools have high quality, effective internet infrastructure and connectivity

    22 signatures

  2. Welsh Government to hold a public inquiry into decisions taken by them before & during the pandemic.

    27 signatures

  3. Ban the use of non biodegradable dog poo bags

    26 signatures

  4. Ban the sale of ALL disposable BBQs in Wales

    13 signatures

  5. Change the law on having an inquest on still births


  6. Ban all snares


  7. An independent inquiry into the cost of the work done on the M4 relief road project.

    31 signatures

  8. Calling on the Welsh Government not to vaccinate children 12 years and younger against COVID-19

    375 signatures

  9. Refer to St. George’s Channel as Gordon Bastian Straits.

    3 signatures

  10. Ban greyhound racing in Wales

    12,633 signatures

  11. Reduced Council Tax for private estate properties

    540 signatures

  12. Calls on the Welsh Government to reaffirm its commitment to being a Nation of Sanctuary


  13. Require baby changing facilities to be available regardless of gender.

    15 signatures

  14. Hold a referendum on Wales becoming a Nation of sanctuary

    966 signatures

  15. Welsh Government Ministers should save the trees, hedgerows and fields in Cefn Yr Hendy, Miskin

    334 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  16. Open our historic churches for visitors


  17. Open a full hospital facility, including an A&E department in mid Wales

    706 signatures

  18. Provide a clinical pathway, medical care, and specialists for people with Tourette’s syndrome in Wales

    4,557 signatures

  19. Secure the Right to Remote Access for Disabled and Neurodivergent People

    149 signatures

  20. Change Standing Orders and admissibility criteria for petitions.

    113 signatures

  21. Design a 'Care Leavers Plus' Universal Basic Income pilot that includes a range of people.

    907 signatures

  22. Exempt fully vaccinated people from self-isolation when they arrive in Wales if they transited France to Eurotunnel at Calais

    13 signatures

  23. Make sea survival a part of curriculum in coastal towns


  24. That the Senedd adopt Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau as the offical anthem of the Welsh Senedd.

    17 signatures

  25. Demand that all depictions of our dragon have a penis

    847 signatures

  26. Save our precious environment. Stop an anonymous developer destroying Model Farm


  27. Remove Seagulls from the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (protected status)

    27 signatures

  28. Improve Endometriosis Healthcare in Wales

    3,773 signatures

  29. Give the people a vote (referendum) before introducing a default 20 mph speed limit in towns


  30. Ban leisure use of Seadoo/jet ski in Cymru. Except in strictly controlled designated areas.

    1,416 signatures

  31. Banned COVID Vaccine passport in Wales.


  32. Put split barriers on the end of beach hill, aberavan Port talbot.


  33. Place speed camera and limit speed to 50mph on A469 by Llanbradach. The road is very loud until late


  34. Ban racist language,politics,policies,parties, politicians that incite racism to get votes


  35. Remove the requirement to use NHS COVID tests on entry to Wales from overseas.


  36. Lift mask 'mandates" Especially for schoolchildren in Wales,


  37. Improve health services for people with epilepsy living in Wales

    977 signatures

  38. Stop Cardiff University scaling down students grades . We want the grades we earned and deserve!!!


  39. Welsh government to meet with a wider audience of unpaid carers.

    33 signatures

  40. Reduce costs for PCR test in Wales when returning from abroad and end isolation for vaccinated

    201 signatures

  41. Allow birth partners to stay for the duration of labour, and for longer after the birth of baby.


  42. Lift all Maternity birthing partner visiting/staying over restrictions.


  43. Ban Polystyrene and other single use plastics!

    95 signatures

  44. Offer a Covid-19 vaccination to clinically vulnerable children.

    347 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  45. Request for employment law to be made a devolved matter


  46. Start a public inquiry into Aneurin Bevan Emergency Services

    7 signatures

  47. Women should be regularly screened with a blood test called CA125 to detect for ovarian cancer

    371 signatures

  48. Ensure appropriate provision of services and support for people with Acquired Brain Injury in Wales

    435 signatures

  49. Ban the use of fire and rehire in Wales


  50. Support PGCE students who have not been given the same opportunities as the previous cohort.


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