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  1. More zebra and pelican crossings on Beechley Drive and Gorse Place in Pentrebane.


  2. Stop the unnecessary extra cost of alcohol in Wales

    14 signatures

  3. We request that the Welsh Government purchase St David’s Hall as a national resource for Wales.

    3,215 signatures

  4. Build a new, safe, play area / park in Pentrebane for 7-11 year olds.


  5. Wales exports 22.7 TWh of electricity, and we want net producer energy rates


  6. Reform The Welsh Rugby Union in the interest of Wales.


  7. Sycharth, the home of Owain Glyndŵr, should be bought to safeguard the site for future generations.

    1,764 signatures

  8. Free Welsh lessons for everyone who wants to learn the language in Wales

    410 signatures

  9. Call on the King Charles III of England & HMG to abolish the title Prince of Wales


  10. Remove the outdated title of Prince of Wales.


  11. Make the Senedd More Representative of the Welsh Population.

    170 signatures

  12. Require all new Welsh homes to be fitted with solar panels as a condition of planning permission.

    60 signatures

  13. I would like the Welsh Government to provide free BSL lessons for parents with deaf children.

    15 signatures

  14. Revisit the Welsh Language Act to ensure that communications are cost effective.

    13 signatures

  15. Changing Bute town street name in memory of Tony Paris


  16. Create a landmark crossing from Baglan Bay to Crymlyn Burrows.

    7 signatures

  17. Stop Welsh Government attending world cup in Qatar


  18. Improve welsh Train facilities.


  19. We would like schools in Wrexham investigated for not ensuring that there is enough food at lunch


  20. Open a Keyworker compensation fund for those affected by Long Covid as recommended by the APPG.

    23 signatures

  21. Backdate council tax discounts for dementia to the date of GP certification

    67 signatures

  22. Create a Sarcoma Specialist Centre in Wales

    155 signatures

  23. Make Mansion House the official residence of the First Minister

    8 signatures

  24. Change how schools educate us on periods.


  25. Introduce a new play-based "kindergarten stage" in education for all 3-6 year olds in Wales.

    6 signatures

  26. Set an ambition and a clear timetable to give every child in the country Welsh-medium education

    715 signatures

  27. We call on the Welsh Government to reject their proposals for a council tax revaluation.

    2,995 signatures

  28. Hold an independent enquiry into the Welsh government’s handling of the Covid pandemic


  29. Make Mansion House the official residence of the First Minister


  30. Make the Land Transaction Tax rates in Wales the same as Stamp Duty rates in England and NI.

    7 signatures

  31. Ensure that all social care workers in Wales are paid the new Real Living Wage (£10.90) immediately.

    171 signatures

  32. Provide funding for those families who will struggle to afford school uniforms and equipment

    9 signatures

  33. Remove Land Transaction Tax for first time buyers in Wales for properties under £425k

    43 signatures

  34. Lower the speed limit on the A5 through Glasfryn

    151 signatures

  35. Allocate additional funding to Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council to ensure its sustainability

    1,583 signatures

  36. Ban the Sale and Use of Plastic Lawns


  37. Welsh Gov to fund a footway/cycleway between Rogiet & Undy in Monmouthshire as a matter of urgency.


  38. Hold a referendum on the future of the “Prince of Wales”


  39. Freeze rents in Wales to help with the cost-of-living crisis

    27 signatures

  40. Ensure pupils are given enough study time to maximise school performance


  41. Keep Single Person Allowance with regard to Welsh Council Tax


  42. BCUHB has failed the people of North Wales and should be disbanded into smaller units.

    923 signatures

  43. Bring back the right to buy council / housing association houses.


  44. Remove Facial Recognitions Cameras in Cardiff


  45. Ban jet skis from Welsh waters


  46. Call upon the Health Minister to introduce Heroin Assisted Treatment facilities in Wales

    107 signatures

  47. Change petitions procedure to ensure petitions considered are supported by primarily Welsh people

    24 signatures

  48. Bring in free land transaction tax for 1st time home buyers in Wales to be in line with English law

    10 signatures

  49. We demand that the Welsh Senedd has full control of natural resources in Wales


  50. Reallocate the £30m being used for 20mph limits, to the NHS which is in crisis, especially BCUHB!

    270 signatures

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