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  1. Improve Endometriosis Healthcare in Wales

    49 signatures

  2. Give the people a vote (referendum) before introducing a default 20 mph speed limit in towns


  3. Banned COVID Vaccine passport in Wales.


  4. Put split barriers on the end of beach hill, aberavan Port talbot.


  5. Place speed camera and limit speed to 50mph on A469 by Llanbradach. The road is very loud until late


  6. Ban racist language,politics,policies,parties, politicians that incite racism to get votes


  7. Remove the requirement to use NHS COVID tests on entry to Wales from overseas.


  8. Lift mask 'mandates" Especially for schoolchildren in Wales,


  9. Improve health services for people with epilepsy living in Wales

    516 signatures

  10. Stop Cardiff University scaling down students grades . We want the grades we earned and deserve!!!


  11. Welsh government to meet with a wider audience of unpaid carers.

    18 signatures

  12. Reduce costs for PCR test in Wales when returning from abroad and end isolation for vaccinated

    142 signatures

  13. Allow birth partners to stay for the duration of labour, and for longer after the birth of baby.


  14. Lift all Maternity birthing partner visiting/staying over restrictions.


  15. Ban Polystyrene and other single use plastics!

    84 signatures

  16. Offer a Covid-19 vaccination to clinically vulnerable children.

    345 signatures

  17. Request for employment law to be made a devolved matter


  18. Start a public inquiry into Aneurin Bevan Emergency Services

    6 signatures

  19. Women should be regularly screened with a blood test called CA125 to detect for ovarian cancer

    341 signatures

  20. Ensure appropriate provision of services and support for people with Acquired Brain Injury in Wales

    421 signatures

  21. Ban the use of fire and rehire in Wales


  22. Support PGCE students who have not been given the same opportunities as the previous cohort.


  23. Scrap the proposed plans for a 50mph limit on the Heads of the Valleys road (A465)


  24. Stop children isolating for two weeks from school.


  25. The new Heads of the Valley road should not be restricted to 50 mph.

    110 signatures

  26. Stop Cardiff Council's landgrab of the Maindy Velodrome and ensure it stays a public open space.


  27. Accountability for professionals fabricating concerns regarding parents


  28. Repeal Coronavirus Regulations and end all Covid-19 restrictions

    21 signatures

  29. Abolish social distancing measures at all Welsh weddings this Summer following July 15th 2021

    809 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  30. Introduce greener ‘bee-friendly' bus stops across Wales

    167 signatures

  31. Heart screenings free for all 11-35 year olds who represent their school or county in sport

    2,344 signatures

  32. Every Second Counts: Install a defibrillator at every school in Wales for the public to access.

    51 signatures

  33. Stop the development of Y Bryn Windfarm


  34. Give the NHS bonus to agency workers that have worked in hospitals and other health care settings

    23 signatures

  35. Every NHS Hospital, including those in planning, must have a Well-being area for NHS employees

    38 signatures

  36. Stop the development of Y Bryn Onshore Wind Farm creating 250m high wind turbines in Afan valley.


  37. Restrict viewings of occupied residential properties in Wales until the end of the Covid-19 pandemic

    12 signatures

  38. Introduce a new law called Widget's law in honour of my dog Widget.


  39. I would like you to ask the Senedd to relax Covid restrictions on amateur singing in groups.


  40. Give secondary teachers a bonus for marking and standardizing summer 2021 official assessments.

    1,234 signatures

  41. New laws to protect rare red squirrels from habitat loss which causes population decline

    9,981 signatures

  42. Remove Social Distancing by August 2021

    34 signatures

  43. Increase funding for Gender Identity Clinics in Wales

    38 signatures

  44. Investigate new moves from Academies affecting Grass Roots Football.


  45. Make it compulsory for Welsh history and language to be taught in the Welsh education curriculum.


  46. Make it a legal requirement to replant a tree in the exact place of a felled tree with a TPO.

    10 signatures

  47. Remove barriers to entry to Social Work and encourage parity of esteem between Social Care and Health

    235 signatures

  48. An immediate independent review of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 selection process in the WPWL

    2,526 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  49. Protect the people of Wales - Take urgent action on the housing crisis now

    2,553 signatures

  50. To get a specialist mental health mother and baby unit in North Wales.

    2,326 signatures

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