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  1. Finally ban the manufacture, sale and use of animal snares in Wales

    16 signatures

  2. Relax the guidance on holiday bans whilst in Local lock down, in-line with GOV.UK guidance


  3. Partners allowed for entirety of labour/birth in ALL hospitals.


  4. Implement an immediate individual financial support grant, equivalent to UBI via devolved powers.


  5. To make the 16th September (Owain Glyndwr Day) a national holiday


  6. Stop Penally Army Camp Being Used To Home Asylum Seekers


  7. Close the schools! Keep our children safe. Due to the rise in covid. Save our future

    15 signatures

  8. Provide emergency COVID-19 funding to support aquatic facilities and swimming pools in Wales

    4 signatures

  9. Change Faenol Avenue to double yellow lines between Berthglyd and Llwyn Morfa


  10. Protect and support for live music in Wales through the COVID-19 crisis


  11. Reduce the amount of possible content that will be in the Summer 2021 GCSE and A-Level exams.


  12. Re-open theatres and performance venues in Wales in time for the festive season.

    148 signatures

  13. Provide eye tests and glasses for free on the NHS every 2 years

    17 signatures

  14. We call on the Welsh Govt to immediately introduce a National Universal Basic Income for Wales.


  15. Allow music venues to run events with Covid restrictions in place

    31 signatures

  16. The Welsh Government to put in place a dedicated disability Minister within the next term of Government.

    244 signatures

  17. Allow birth partners to attend labour, birth and visitation as normal in all hospitals.


  18. Stop local authorities from wasting money on speed humps

    5 signatures

  19. The Welsh Government should introduce mandatory testing of all passengers arriving at Cardiff Airport

    126 signatures

  20. A much needed zebra crossing by the library in Deri


  21. change the name of Britannia bridge to Pont Rhun ap Iorwerth


  22. A stronger voice for disability is needed at all parliamentary levels across Wales


  23. Adapt the teacher training syllabus to include Transformational Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

    140 signatures

  24. Relax the excessive restrictions to allow motor sport rallies to take place in Wales.

    2,943 signatures

  25. Abolish Education Workforce Council (EWC) registration fees and completely reform its organisation

    268 signatures

  26. Preventive measures on wireless devices in nurseries and primary schools

    55 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  27. Priorities and review the current situation restricting Live Music Performances throughout Wales.


  28. Make it a legal requirement for cyclists to use cycle paths if available.


  29. Cap all Welsh county council tax at 3%. A referendum of the public must take place to exceed 3%

    162 signatures

  30. Change the Tan 6 policy to make it applicable to indigenous Cymric communities only.


  31. Stop the erosion of Pontypridd’s heritage - save the White Bridge.

    277 signatures

  32. Allow Welsh domestic football clubs to play friendlies and allow supporters to attend matches

    2,036 signatures

  33. To ban the flying and display of the union flag. In Wales


  34. Do not make face masks or face coverings mandatory in ANY (inc secondary) schools.

    214 signatures

  35. Create a Welsh Law/Judicial system, separate from England - just as Scotland/N.Ireland do


  36. Support for the current proposed plans to build a new Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, in any future inquiry.

    11,392 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  37. employee shouldn’t be allowed to reject you for a role due to credit rating


  38. Return the Red Lady of Paviland to Swansea Dychwelwch Fenyw Goch Pen-y-fai i Abertawe


  39. Control the Compassionless Development of Devastating Industrial Poultry Units (IPUs) in Wales


  40. Offer home study options for students with Asthma.

    23 signatures

  41. Introduce an Appeals process in Wales for all Centre Assessed Grades for 2020 public exam programme

    87 signatures

    Referred to the Petitions Committee

  42. Ensure fairness for students taking exams in 2021

    1,481 signatures

  43. Regulate international educational partnerships to prevent foreign influence


  44. Increase the number of people allowed to attend wedding receptions.

    20 signatures

  45. Establish an emergency supply chain to source Personnel Protection Equipment for Wales, from Wales.


  46. Immediate cessation of dredging operations off the Gower coast pending evaluation of adverse effects

    39 signatures

  47. Hold a Motion of No Confidence of the Welsh labour government


  48. Allow free parking for workers in city centres


  49. Allow the placement of hedgehog warning road signs to reduce wildlife casualties in populated areas.


  50. Welsh Government to source all Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) from companies based in Wales.


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