Completed petition Stop Using Worker Certification On Welsh Government Projects

We call on the National Assembly Of Wales to urge the Welsh Government to stop using and promoting worker certification on Welsh Government contracts. Worker certification is a privatised occupational licensing scheme.

1) It is undemocratic and circumvents the principles of our common laws. ( Grandfather rights)

2) It puts the cost of training & qualifications onto workers, especially self employed and agency employment workers who have little chance of grants or funding.

3) It reduces the chances of upward mobility for the poorest in society.

4) It prevents worker mobility, at a time when we need a flexible workforce.

5) It allows corporate interests to have control over the entire workforce of our economic sectors, increasing costs of small businesses & sub contractors.

6) It promotes rent seeking, meaning that consumers pay more for products & services.

7) It reduces productivity.

8) It is prolific and will spread to all economic sectors.

9) It can create conflicts of interest.

10)There is no evidence that worker certification improves quality or standard of workmanship.

11) Experience, skill and knowledge reduce health and safety risks, these can be achieved and proven without qualifications.

12) It increases the cost of public projects.

I3) If an industry needs qualification requirements then our democratically elected government should create legislation.

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