Completed petition Roads surrounding Trago Mills/ Cyfartha Retail Park

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to look at the issue of the build up of traffic on the A470 around the vicinity of Trago Mills and Cyfartha Retail Park and put in place a new traffic system to alleviate the amount of traffic seen at peak times, which can then resolve the constant ongoing issues residents are facing. 

Trago Mills opened its doors around two weeks ago to the public, Ever since Trago Mills has opened, there have been constant issues of traffic build up within the local vicinity of Trago Mills and Cyfartha Retail Park, not only is this happening on the weekends but it's also happening mid week.

When this issue was originally brought to the attention of the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport some time ago before Trago Mills opened, he stated personally in a letter that the A470 would be able to take the pressures of the traffic in and out of the area but sadly this isn't the case, The build up of traffic on the main roundabout of the A470 isn't able to withhold the traffic load going directly into Cyfartha Retail Park and Trago Mills, not only is this an inconvenience to the residents that already live close to the area it is also affecting local businesses within the area and its having a knock on effect to the economy due to visitors avoiding the area. 

Please could you look at the matter in question again as direct action is needed to resolve this problem.  

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