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Completed petition End the unfairness and discrimination in the financial support for victims of the contaminated blood scandals who were infected in Wales

This petition calls on the Welsh Assembly to end the unfairness and discrimination in financial support for all victims of the infected blood scandal for those infected in Wales, by changing the scheme to at least mirror the provisions for those infected in England. 

Many categories of victim infected in Wales are potentially worse off under the scheme by £20,000 or more. Thousands of people were infected as result of receiving infected blood or infected blood products given to them by the NHS until at least September 1991. Over two thousand people have already died.

Following devolving of powers, the responsibility for support of victims and their families, for those infected in Wales, sits under the Welsh Assembly. The schemes for support are operated by the Welsh Infected Blood Support service (WIBSS) which is administered by Velindre NHS Trust and NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) who are ultimately accountable to the Welsh Assembly.

For those infected in England, the comparable scheme is run by EIBSS, ultimately accountable to parliament in London. Even though the victims were all infected by the NHS pre – devolution, the EIBSS and WIBSS have vastly different provisions in financial support. The determining factor as to which scheme you fall under is where the victim was infected not where they live. There are two schemes that those under the WIBSS cannot access. They are called the 'Special Category Mechanism' and 'The discretionary top up scheme'. The net effect of all this is that many categories victim infected in Wales are potentially worse of under the scheme by £20,000, more if they have children, irrespective where of where they live. Two people living in say Cardiff, both infected by the NHS, both with the same impact might receive £20,000 difference in support simply because one of the two had the 'good fortune' to be infected in England.

We call on the Welsh Assembly to intervene end this injustice now.

More details

Who are we: we are an self organised peer support group that has victims of the infected blood scandal right across the uk Where can details of the comparative schemes for those infected in England and those infected in Wales be found: For Wales infected people it is here For those infected in England the comparable scheme is found here

What has happened so far:
A number of attempts from various organisations have tried to raise the issue through the inquiry being led by Sir Brian Langstaff and by making the press aware such as this piece which is focussed on the differentials between Welsh and Scottish schemes

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