Completed petition Water Safety/Drowning Prevention and the effects of Cold Water Shock to be taught in all Schools in Wales

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to include - Water Safety/Drowning Prevention and the effects of cold-water shock to be taught on the national curriculum in Wales.

In 2016 we saw the launch of the first ever water safety strategy in the UK, which aims to reduce water related fatalities by 50% by 2026. Collaboration, awareness, education and prevention are the main focuses. Wales needs to respond in support.

The families of Cameron Comey, Luke Somerfield, Kieran Bennett-Leefe, Robert Mansfield and Jem Pendragon all support this petition in memory of their sons lost to water.

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Several hundred adults and children drown accidentally every year in the UK & Ireland, and Wales - having a considerable number of rivers, lakes and a wild coastline is not immune. Education and prevention are key to safeguarding our communities from needless drowning.

This petition also has it's aims focused on healthy, educated interactions with our many open waterways in Wales, by promoting events nationally and locally where young people and the public can access organized events where they engage with social, active and safe events with clubs/organisations concerned with water based activities.

We also recognise that local authority cuts to swimming accessibility for all pupils (through central government pressures) and a new Welsh Baccalaureate on water safety is too wide a gap to ensure a consistent education message for all. Wales has three broad strategies (our Healthy future, Building a brighter future and Well-being of Future Generations) and have links to injury prevention and, therefore, to reducing drowning.

This petition is supported by many partners including; five families of young men lost to drowning in West Wales, Ferryside Inshore Lifeboat, Jonathan Edwards MP, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Rebecca Ramsey (campaigner for England water safety education), All Wales Water Safety Group, Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Simon Hart MP, Carmarthen Town Council, The Coracle & Netsmans Association, Gwendraeth Valley Paddlers Canoe Club, Ammanford Police Station, Carmarthen Boat Club, Brecon Mountain Rescue Team, Llansteffan Coastguard, Angela Burns AM, Carmarthen Bay Ferries, Llandysul Paddlers Canoe Centre, to name a few.

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