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We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to create a National Task Force to investigate which cultural, societal, and political factors may be contributing to the number of children in Wales experiencing poor mental health; and that this National Task Force:

1) Include in its membership: children; representatives from organisations working with children; representatives from all political parties represented in the National Assembly for Wales; academics involved in researching social policy, political science, culture, society, and economics;

2) Is chaired by the Children's Commissioner for Wales in post when this task force is created and that they should remain the Chair of the task force for its duration, should they agree to do so (regardless of whether they remain the Children's Commissioner for Wales for the duration of the life of the task force - except in exceptional circumstances);

3) Should be tasked with producing a report based upon its investigations that includes recommendations for the Welsh Government based upon its findings;

4) Should have all of its recommendations examined by the Welsh Government in consultation with this National Task Force, the National Assembly for Wales, and the residents of Wales (including children).

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The National Organisation for Children's Mental Health Ltd is a newly established social enterprise. Our objective is to support the development of a national culture that enables children to sustain excellent mental health by helping organisations working with and/or for them to create the best environment in which every child's mental health can flourish.

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