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We call on the Welsh Government to withdraw its objection, and offer support, to the proposal for Network Rail to permit the Anglesey Central Railway to be re-purposed into an 18 mile traffic-free multi-user path from Amlwch through to Gaerwen. Having been out of service for the past 26 years, it is our belief that the line could no longer serve any useful purpose for passenger services or freight between Gaerwen and Amlwch. Instead, the Lôn Las Môn multi-user path would be open for use by families, walkers, runners, equestrian users and leisure cyclists, including those with disabled access requirements.

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Unlike the neighbouring counties of Gwynedd and Conwy, Anglesey has very few sections of traffic free paths. Although two national cycle routes are in existence on the island, they are primarily B-roads which are signposted principally for use by experienced road cyclists. Sixty percent of people who do not cycle state fear of traffic as a reason for not using a bicycle as a means of transportation. A traffic free route such as Lôn Las Môn is crucial to encourage more people to cycle for leisure and transport purposes. In addition, with an average of one rider involved in a road traffic incident every day across the UK, equestrian users on Anglesey would also benefit from a traffic free route, away from fast moving vehicles which pose a major hazard for both horse and rider. Once completed, the multi-user green-way would be a traffic free long-distance corridor from the South West to the North East of the island, allowing users to link with the Anglesey coastal path as well as other footpaths, cycle routes and bridleways. The project would also have knock-on economic benefits for the tourism sector on Anglesey. This is demonstrated by the Camel Trail in Cornwall, a disused railway trail of a similar length to the proposed Lôn Las Môn trail at 17.3 miles. In 2015 users of the Camel Trail spent around £6.7m and generated approximately £13m of business turnover. With obesity, mental health issues, as well as levels of type 2 diabetes increasing at an alarming rate, Lôn Las Môn would allow the public to exercise in a traffic free environment, away from vehicle emissions and pollutants, and over terrain which is readily accessible to those with disabilities and access needs. The benefits to residents, businesses and visitors that would result from this project are substantial and would undoubtedly improve the quality of life for everyone on Anglesey.

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