Closed petition Ban Single Use Plastic Milk Bottles in schools

We, children of St Aidan’s Church in Wales VA School call on the National Assembly of Wales to change the way we use plastic milk bottles in schools. Each day in Wales we use approximately 300kg of plastic milk bottles which are used as part of the free milk scheme in schools. We think it is portraying a negative view towards sustainability, because more people are buying more plastic. The amount of plastic bottles we use is outrageous.

Plastic is made out of natural gas, crude oil and coal. We are using about 4,000 plastic bottles nearly every year for this free milk scheme. We want you to ban single use plastic milk bottles in school. We suggest that all schools in Wales purchase big bottles of milk and pour it in plastic cups which we can use again. We are using the fossil fuels faster than we can develop it. Thank you for reading this petition and for hopefully helping the country sort this mass of waste.

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