Closed petition Education On Food Allergies In Schools & Mandatory EPI PEN Training

There is currently no law in place anywhere in the UK that offers education on food allergies in schools from primary age and up.

We want to change that! Offering educational sessions in schools will benefit children at risk of anaphylaxis. It will help others to understand food allergies, a medical condition that unless you know someone with this disease you wouldn't be aware of the side effects it carries.

We hope introducing educational sessions on food allergies will also break the stigma around them, eliminate bullying and offer more support to children living with this disease.

All it takes it one touch or one bite and without administering an epi pen you could be faced with a very tragic situation.

Introducing mandatory epi pen training will also eliminate the worry for families living with food allergies. Teachers and school staff will know the vital signs of an allergic reaction meaning anaphylaxis can be spotted sooner.

Archie's Allergies is a new charity offering support, advice and information on the importance of being allergy aware. 

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