Closed petition Revert to Welsh language spelling of place-names

Wales has many place names which have needlessly been Anglicised, and have often been replaced by Anglicised forms for no good reason. Not only is this disrespectful to Welsh people and the Welsh language, but the Welsh language is, according to Law, supposed to be on an equal footing with English in Wales. 

Places such as Trevor (from Welsh Trefor) near Wrexham are not only undermining, but obscure the etymologies of such names! This is surely unacceptable. 

I, and the undersigned, therefore petition the Welsh Assembly to take action and change these Anglicised forms of Welsh names – throughout Wales – and restore their original Welsh spellings. The petition does not go so far as to call for English names to be abolished where a Welsh name also exists (Caerdydd next to Cardiff, etc).

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