Rejected petition Preventive measures on wireless devices in nurseries and primary schools

We call for the National Assembly of Wales to urge the Welsh Government to adopt a more stringent limit on the use of wireless devices in nurseries and primary schools.

Established health risks must be known to parents/carers.

Parents/carers consent must be ensured in advance before WiFi devices are installed/used.

The percentage results must be transparent to all parents/carers and those with a duty of care.

Those who decided against WiFi must be provided with a No WiFi zone.

If results show No consent and the school already has WiFi and multiple wireless devices, they must be WiFi/Bluetooth deactivated and educational applications must be pre-programmed onto computers/tablets etc.

More details

​The WHO (World Health Organisation) along with IARC (International Agency for the Research on Cancer) published a monograph evaluation of carcinogenicity of radiation in the radio frequency range of 30 KHZ to 300GHZ electromagnetic spectrum.


"It does not specifically consider mobile phones, but rather the type of radiation emitted by mobile phones and other sources."

"This type of radiation is emitted by devices used in wireless communications including mobile phones and other sources"

Parents/carers must be made aware that exposures from WiFi enabled devices close to the body can be as high as from mobile phones (similar maximum specific absorption rates, SARs) so effects may be similar to those reported for mobile phones close to the body.

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