Completed petition For Environmental awareness to be made compulsory and a key module within Schools in Wales for all years (Primary and Secondary Education)

Environmental Awareness and action as part of the educational framework in Wales would be relevant to the Wellbeing Act and Wales Education Agenda. The petition aims for Welsh Government to consider for all schools in Wales to apply a core module from early years on the Environment encouraging awareness and action. It can be a fundamental initiative which encourages young people to engage in their environment by being educated of the environment and allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it throughout the curricula at each school year.

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Environmental education is essential to ensure our future generations apply the measures require to preserve our environment. Bringing nature to the classroom is imperative to highlight to school children (and parents indirectly) the need for change. Environmental awareness and nature should be "on a par" with key classes in all schools in Wales. It is essential that children grow up with a great understanding, education in current nature issues and knowledge on what actions they can take to protect the diverse environment we live in. It is also teaching them day to day about respect to nature.

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