Petition To have the manufacture and production of sufficient PPE for Wales located in Wales Post Covid-19.

This current Corona Crisis has highlighted insufficient access to necessary PPE for all those who require it, in whichever health or social care setting they find themselves. As a nation we need to become self sufficient and not having to rely upon companies overseas etc. This would also necessitate an appraisal of storage, replenishment and distribution of said items and provide employment to many.
Mother to an ICU nurse, I live in daily fear for her safety. I will not be the only parent.

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Daily news briefings have highlighted the distressing lack of PPE to our essential workers in all settings, causing undue stress and in some instances inevitable infection and spread of the virus. A physical barrier between those having the virus and those caring for them is of importance and serves to protect front-line workers. It is the duty and responsibility of us all to ensure that this is possible. Making PPE in Wales for the use of all requiring it, whatever the level of need, guarantees availability, reduces the carbon footprint (no import flights etc) and provides the public with a sense of much needed security. In addition it would mean that many would find new employment - machinists, warehouse employees, quality control and those in logistics, to name but a few.
At present many people have risen to the challenge and are putting their sewing skills to good use. Admirable as this is - it would be so much better if they had not had to.

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