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I would like to put forward a proposal to reduce the long 6 weeks down to 4 weeks, and add the extra 2 weeks to half terms.
I think mainly October and May perhaps would be the most beneficial.

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The summer holiday break has been in a place for a very long time in its current form. I believe life has changed and if we could alter this pattern now, it could give us a good work/home life balance. Not just for school staff, but parents can also take advantage of cheaper holidays. With 2 half terms that have a 2 week duration it will allow for more flexibility and a reduced price for most destinations. It will also allow parents an opportunity to maintain affordable childcare, for 4 weeks rather than for a full 6 weeks. This would give everyone the chance to break this up throughout the year, hopefully resulting in less stress for all and the end of the ‘dreaded summer holidays’.

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