Closed petition Reopen barbers and hairdressers as long as they have strict social distancing measures in place.

We have been in lockdown for over 2 months now. Some of us even longer if they chose to self-isolate early. With the recent opening of garden centres we should now be discussing the reopening of barber shops and hairdressers providing social distancing measures are taken seriously.

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Appearance has always been very important but in this day and age it is even more so. When people don’t look good they don’t feel good and with us all being locked indoors we could all do with at least feeling good about ourselves. Mental health issues have grown dramatically over the last few years and one reason why is because of the growing need to look good in order to feel good and with the current lockdown mental health issues are bound to be becoming more common.

Social distancing measures in these establishments should include shops being appointment only, and only allowing limited amount of staff in per day, there should be a limited number of people in at any one time, no gathering or queueing outside, all tools utensils and chairs should be thoroughly cleaned between each customer, gloves and masks should be worn and chairs should be 2 metres away. Any other measures can be put in place to ensure safety also but these scruffy heads must be no more.

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