Petition To teach how the body reacts to fight/flight/freeze in schools.

I have been a counsellor and support worker for over a decade and most of the people I have worked with have either suffered from panic attacks, had traumas or other events that have made day to day life difficult to cope with.

I feel if we were taught how our body responds to these incidents at an early age (obviously age appropriate) it would help the individual self-regulate and normalise the experience for them.

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It has been shown that the Nervous System is involved in our body regulation; from emotions to digestion; i.e. through the work of Professor Stephen Porge, Deb Dana, Doctor David Muss, Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

A lot of individuals, including myself have had experiences where we have become dis-regulated and have experiences or anxiety, panic attacks or trauma. Being a Mother and counsellor, I am also aware of how deeply this can affect our children, or our client's have experienced these things from an early age.

I would like to suggest that a basic understanding of the nervous system and body responses is taught in schools to help children understand what is going on in their bodies and help them understand what is going on for them. Using the 'hand brain' example gives a basic understanding as to why a child may 'blow their top'.

Through awareness it would help individuals to understand these bodily responses; which are ultimately there to create safety, and move towards wellness.

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