Rejected petition Start the 2019 school year again. School attendance policy suggests there is no other option

Start the 2019 school year again. You cannot dictate that children’s education benefits from 100% attendance then accept that they can miss 5 months of school and do nothing about it. In addition the children need not go back to school until September so in the short term we could concentrate on their mental health and wellbeing. This would also allow the working teachers to take a break and be safe, and be able to concentrate on their own children.

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The school/LEA attendance policy fines parents for taking children out off school. To let children miss 5 months of school shows a blatant disregard for their education and mental health, and also makes a mockery of this policy and the process/people that enforce it. There is no sensible alternative. My daughter is in year 6 and supposed to be transitioning to secondary school in September. She is a shy introverted person and will be devastated if the next time she goes to school it is a new school. I cannot see anyway the large majority of children will be able to catch up. This government will be responsible for ruining the education of many children. So please re start this school year to give our children a future.

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