Petition Prevent the full reopening of schools until the main threat of covid-19 has truly abated

On the 3rd of June, Kirsty Williams announced that all Welsh schools would reopen for all year groups, effective from the 29th of June onwards. Although measures would be made to distance students, it would likely not be enough.

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Schools are a perfect transmission bed for viral diseases, such as covid-19. If schools were to reopen, it could potentially result in an overwhelming wave of coronavirus cases, possibly crippling the NHS.

Neil Butler, of NASUWT, said the reasons were "not good enough"

"The Welsh Government is well aware of the extreme difficulty of social distancing in schools, especially for younger children," he added.

"The minister has also admitted that this is for a 'check in' and 'catch up' so there is clearly no educational purpose behind this decision.

"These are not good enough reasons for risking lives."

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