Rejected petition Call upon English Government to investigate the wrongful conviction of David Morris. Clydach Case.

David George Morris’ was convicted of the most brutal murders ever committed in Britain. known as the Clydach Murders. New evidence has emerged that shows David Morris is Innocent A new book by John Morris details all the new evidence yet David Morris still remains in prison After 20 years.

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While Morris has spent almost two decades behind bars, he has always protested his innocence. Even a cursory examination of the case shows that he did not, and could not, have committed the crime.

Yet the Criminal Cases Review Commission repeatedly refuses to test the DNA that would clear him. So, as one of Britain’s worst miscarriages of justice, Morris remains in prison.

But a campaign has started with Mike O’Brien of the Cardiff Newsagent Three, and Paddy Hill of the Birmingham Six, and the membership – over 19,000 – is growing daily.

Please help us to publicise this case, and free an innocent man.

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