Rejected petition Create a "Tiger Bay Museum and Archive" in Cardiff Bay

Butetown History and Arts Centre closed down in 2016 due to a lack of funding. The Tiger Bay Heritage Exchange who are owners of the archive are currently looking for a new permanent premises.

We, the undersigned, petition Senedd Cymru to create a Tiger Bay Museum and Archive in Cardiff Bay to permanently house the archive along with other artefacts, and to ensure Black Welsh history and history of Tiger Bay is well-preserved for current and future generations.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

Petitions to the Senedd cannot concern an issue that is the operational responsibility of a local authority. Responsibility for supporting a museum about the history of Tiger Bay would rest with Cardiff Council and, therefore, we are not able to accept a petition on this issue.

You could consider contacting Cardiff Council or your local representatives about this matter instead. or We may be able to consider a different petition relating to the development of a national museum of Black Welsh history.

We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards

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