Closed petition Create and build a new branch of National Museum Wales dedicated to Welsh involvement in colonialism

The BLM movement has highlighted some ugly truths about Wales' history that a massive amount of us never learned.
This has been because traditionally in Wales, the Empire is largely ignored as we choose to focus on the colonialist elements that we had to face ourselves. This does not wipe Wales' slate clean of any wrongdoing.
A new, dedicated museum run by National Museum Wales would provide us with a proper means to stimulate these difficult conversations and educate our future generations.

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As we begin to discuss what should happen to our relics of colonialism, such as the statue of Thomas Picton in Cardiff City Hall, an awful lot of people are stating that they should be kept "to educate", the problem is that's exactly the thing that they haven't done.
This facility would allow these tainted historical figures to be shown fully and give a platform to explain the atrocities they committed and how they benefited Wales through despicable methods.
It would be a win-win situation, we would have an avenue to properly educate our nation on the dark truths of Wales' history and we would also then be able to make room in our public sphere for BAME people who are far more worthy of Wales' respect such as Betty Campbell, Wales' first black headteacher. A character such as hers belongs in the company of St David and Owain Glyndŵr, not Thomas Picton.
In light of the pandemic, this would also offer a means to stimulate the economy with more jobs and a new tourist destination.

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