Closed petition Give grant aid to Bed and Breakfast businesses in Wales that pay council tax and not business rates.

Some businesses in Wales are not getting any grant help whatsoever. I am in my second year of my business and my first year profits went back into my business. I’m not vat registered or a LTD company and don’t employ anyone, no grants available to me. Council tax is classed as a second home. I pay a premium although this is 10m from my home. We haven’t had guests since Oct 20. We don’t have any indication when we can reopen but still have rent etc to pay. We need help now and the future.

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Business rates payers on second homes are getting a grant of either £10,000 or £25,000 and this may be on properties that are not necessarily used as self catering accommodation. My B&B is my only source of income like most people this income has gone down to nothing.

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