Completed petition Make Wales' role in British colonial history a compulsory school subject.

Currently the debate around race is very much in the forefront of everybody's mind. As majority white population this it is a fortunate position that we can choose when we think about race. For many in the BAME community this is not a choice but a daily truth. Wales and Welsh people played an active role in British Colonial history. With figures such as Thomas Picton later celebrated with statues.

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This area history is wrought with complexities and many uncomfortable truths that we as a population must address and scrutinise. For many the existence of racism and racial discrimination in society is seen as an issue in other countries but not here. I believe this is strongly linked to a lack of teaching on the colonial history of this country.
There is a similar petition gathering signatures for the UK government to address. I believe we should also address this here as a devolved issue.

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