Rejected petition We the Welsh People call for the immediate resignation of Mark Drakeford.

Mark Drakeford's cautious approach to COVID-19 will cripple Wales.

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We understand the need to protect our country, however his approach appears to be more aimed at standing his ground against the rest of the UK and not for the benefit of the people of Wales.

Mark Drakeford has lost touch with the people of Wales and should step down immediately. The Welsh people should be given the opportunity to gradually lift lock down rules. We are being forced into a position that will affect many sectors of the country if things do not improve. His defiant approach will cost thousands of businesses and families if he continues to force such tight restrictions.

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It’s about appointments or resignations.

We can't accept petitions about appointments or resignations through the Senedd’s petitions process. This includes calling for Ministers to be sacked, resign or for a vote of no confidence.

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