Petition Make opening of National Trust & Cadw properties one of the priorities when easing Welsh lockdown

In other countries, parks were the first to open after the pandemic-caused lockdown.
Why not in Wales?

Where is the logic behind allowing small non-essential shops to open but not parks and historic sites?

Surely, the risk of infection is a lot higher in a small confined space than in a wide-open space?!

NT & Cadw properties already have measures in place to ensure staff and visitor safety at the entrance; and they are literally just waiting for the “go ahead” of the Senedd...

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Evidence shows that countries that allowed parks to open after lockdown, did not register another spike in Corona infections.

And a large majority of Welsh residents have proven that they are disciplined enough to co-operate with queuing, social distancing and hand hygiene.

And don’t forget that National Trust & Cadw properties, like e.g. Bodnant Garden (Conwy County), are economic entities that are struggling financially during this lockdown.

Please show your support and sign the petition to make our Senedd aware of the urgency that NT & Cadw sites should be allowed to open again along with the next step of easing Welsh lockdown restrictions. Thank you.

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