Rejected petition We need to grow our economy. Put together a bid to convince Tesla to open a gigafactory in Wales

Our economy needs to grow. We need to invest in new ideas and guarantee employment in the future. This will be very difficult going forward post-Brexit.

Electric cars have a big future. Tesla has a big future.

This week, according to news reports, Elon Musk flew to Bristol to discuss opening a gigafactory in Bristol on a site which was once the site of a BAE factory. According to reports he was approached by Bristol.

We need to show this level of forward thinking.

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The electric car market is the future. There is no doubt about this:

Tesla has been at the forefront of engineering development on the electric car front, and on the battery and storage front.

SpaceX and Starlink have been at the forefront of developments on the satellite front with the aim of de delivering fast internet via satellites. (This might be the solution to the problem that the Welsh Government has failed to solve thus far.)

Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink, and indeed Neuralink employs some of the best engineers in the world to deliver ideas which will power the future.

We need to attract these innovative forward thinking companies to Wales.

We want the Welsh Government to commit to ideas that will deliver employment in the future. Putting together a bid for a gigafactory in Wales is one of the ways forward.

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