Completed petition Allow small gyms and personal training spaces to open sooner during COVID restrictions

Small gyms or personal training spaces, such as Crossfit gyms, can control members distancing and cleaning better than larger commercial gyms. I propose a safe system of work with 16 square metres (4 by 4) per client, with no movement within the gym out of that space. Thorough cleaning of used equipment and floor space and sufficient downtime between sessions. Temperature checks on arrival. Alternatively, training sessions to be conducted outdoors (such as is already happening in England)

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With current restrictions being lifted and non essential retail and fast food outlets being allowed to open, we as a business invested in the health industry believe it is of far greater good and far lower risk to open this model of gyms than those businesses mentioned above. We are an obvious benefit to overall health as opposed to a detriment, which fast food chains are.

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