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Although Welsh Bac provides many important employability skills, and is good for those going straight into a profession after college, it only holds students who wish to go to University back.

Previously students could take up to 4 A-levels, even 5 for the best students, but Welsh Bac limits them to 3, in some schools even limits them to 2, stopping students from getting a broad education.

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Stopping the Welsh Bac for those who wish to go to University would allow Welsh students to not only go to the top universities, but get a better education. Welsh Bac is full of topics that educated students already know, and is on par with General Studies for a lot of universities. Abolishing it for those who know they wish to go to University would allow students to be more educated, and thus allow us to achieve a more educated workforce and help the Welsh economy.

Another option I'd like to put across to be considered is creating an AS qualification, and only having AS level Welsh Bac be compulsory, therefore allowing students to have more time towards their exams and still be able to do 4 subjects. Schools could choose whether this is done over a 2 year period or in one year.

Welsh students are constantly looked down upon, and having a better attitude to education (like what was done with maintaining the AS's) would allow us to be stronger and more respected as Welsh people.

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