Rejected petition We are calling on the Cymric Government to remove the statue of Edward VIII fom Cymru.

Edward VIII was a renowned racist, Nazi sympathiser and collaborator and womanizer who, following his abdication, became the corrupt Governor of the Bahamas. He is certainly not a role model for students or any other person to look up to therefore, the signatures on this petition endorses the call for his immediate removal on the grounds that he is a symbol of colonialism and was also an undesirable, corrupt degenerate.

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Following on the brutal and public killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnisota, recent protests in,both, America and Britain has bought with it a new global awakening and recognition in regards to Britain's colonial past. This new awakening has prompted angry protestors to turn their attention to symbols of colonialism such as statues and plaques, resulting, thus far, in statues commemorating Christopher Columbus to be disposed of in America and Edward Colston in Bristol, England.

Cymru, of course, is also a colony of Britain and we, also, have numerous symbols of our colonialism so, in this age of awakening when the Cymry are displaying a new confidence in our nationhood, shouldn't we also be turning our attention to the removal of these every day reminders of our colonialism?
For the above reasons, Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr is calling on the Cymric Government to commence on the process of removal of symbols of British colonialism in Cymru with the instant removal of the Edward VIII statue which has been erected in the grounds of the Old Collge at Aberystwyth.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

The statue of Edward VIII erected in the grounds of the Old College at Aberystwyth is a matter for Aberystwyth University.

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