Rejected petition Examine the feasibility of a Welsh NHS design and Manufacturing facility for Medical Equipment

Recent events have proven that although NHS Cymru is 'devolved' from Westminster, it is still subject to their interference.
The Roche Covid test scandal, PPE issues, and, misleading lockdown information relating to England being announced without clear demarcation for devolved parliament guidelines,
The wider NHS has, allegedly, also been 'gazumped' by buyers paying cash for equipment (e.g. Ventilators) that were previously ordered for the UK

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A facility of this nature would benefit NHS Cymru & the whole country, we would enjoy:-
Security of Supply – No more external interference
Reduced Cost of Ownership - acquisition & support
Cost of Use – Streamlining inventory
Continued supply of Spare Parts – sensibly priced spare parts, longer support for equipment without the cost of extended warranties
Common Interfaces - Reduced Error Frequency.
Customization & Innovation – Drawing from the clinical expertise within NHS Cymru, Clinical, EBME & Medical Physics departments across the service equipment that is fit for purpose with no unnecessary ‘bells and whistles’ it should be possible to design and manufacture equipment that is fit for purpose, robust enough to survive the rigors of the Healthcare environment
Support & guidance available from within, through life support and ultimate disposal
High Tech Jobs – Creating highly skilled engineers, via a bidirectional pathway into EBME
Redevelopment of job starved, post-industrial areas

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