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20 years ago, permission was granted to develop the Northern Meadows for housing. It has proved too expensive to build the roads needed for this.
Permission has now been granted to build a new Cancer Centre on the site at a cost to taxpayers of £30million for ACCESS ONLY. There are other options for the Cancer Centre including on the derelict Whitchurch hospital site, where permission for a 200 bed hospital has been agreed.
There are now 28 planning applications relating to the site.

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All 28 applications should be considered within the wider context of this huge development.

We now have the Environment Wales Act (2016), Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016, Future Gen Act (2015), Planning Policy Wales 10 (2018), none of which were considered when the original planning was passed - FOR HOUSING ONLY. The site is not in the adopted Local Development Plan (2016).

The decision of Velindre to build on the meadows needs to be fully scrutinised. We need to have an independent clinical review of the proposed model for Velindre. Best practice for oncology departments is to be alongside larger hospitals, and The Heath has offered space alongside Cardiff University cancer research.

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