Rejected petition Make face masks mandatory (with medical exceptions) on public transport in Wales

In England, Scotland and Northern Ireland face masks are mandatory on public transport, but in Wales it's only "recommended".

Numerous studies are being published now saying that face masks reduce transmission by 40%+,¹,² the risk of virus spread is greater indoors,³ etc.

Bring us into line with the rest of the UK, by making face coverings mandatory on public transport.

More details

[1] "... face masks reduce the daily growth rate of reported infections by around 40%." June 2020.

[2] Face masks being introduced dramatically reduced transmission overnight in various places and on various scales June 2020. "They found infection rates in Italy and NYC only started to slow after face masks were made mandatory, not after the lockdown was put in place in Italy or after stay-at-home orders went into effect in New York."

[3] "The odds that a primary case transmitted COVID-19 in a closed environment was 18.7 times greater compared to an open-air environment" April 2020.

Why was this petition rejected?

This petition was withdrawn by the petitioner.

In light of an announcement by the Welsh Government on 13 July 2020 that all passengers are to wear face coverings on public transport in Wales from Monday July 27, the petitioner decided to withdraw the petition.

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