Rejected petition Make face masks compulsory while visiting shops and supermarkets in Wales.

Make face masks compulsory in shops and supermarkets as very few are following the 2m guidance. It’s preventing the pregnant, older and high risk customers from being able to continue normal activities in life and prolonging their isolation. We all need to feel safe for our mental wellbeing.
It could be the difference that prevents another virus spike. It’s more important than ever that we have measures to prevent and protect.
Let’s help keep Wales safe, let’s keep Wales open for everyone.

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SCOTLAND have got it right, let’s make Wales a world leader too.
For those who say wearing a mask should be a choice, it’s those carrying the virus unknowingly that this will have the most positive impact. We as consumers have a right to feel safe while food shopping regardless of how susceptible we are to this virus. We should all have the right to buy our own food. It’s a simple and effective science backed method for preventing transmission. Its less intrusive and more cost effective than a Covid test.
WAG are acknowledging the effectiveness, so why not implement it?

Supermarkets are saying it’s no longer their responsibility to ensure customers stay 2m apart and this is widely experienced by people from the north to the south of Wales. Stores have increasing capacity or in many cases have removed the limit. Directional arrows are now meaningless to the many. It’s an enormous upset to have someone invade your advised personal space of 2 metres when you feel you have no shield.

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