Closed petition Implement a minimum of 1 metre social distancing in all Primary Schools in September 2020.

Protect our Children, Protect our NHS.
It is no secret that every winter our NHS struggles from winter pressures including seasonal flu, filling UK hospitals full to capacity. Each year our news channels/feeds are full with stories of these pressures. A surge in coronovirus cases would put additional pressures on the NHS potentially taking it to breaking point. Despite this our WG plan to return our children to school without social distancing measures to protect them.

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Evidence tells us that children need a level of normality to prevent mental health issues and ensure healthy lifestyles. Taking this on board but keeping the risks to our children & the NHS in mind I urge the WG to reconsider its proposal & consider a mixture of formal home schooling via distance learning along with the continuation of a “bubble model” which allows for social distancing. This would allow children to return to school on a part time basis while undertaking formal full time studies. I propose this method continue until the spring term when the annual period of winter pressures has passed.

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