Rejected petition Make masks in shops mandatory for staff & customers to prevent infections via airborne Covid19 virus

Anyone could be an asymptomatic carrier. I would as would many be willing to wear a mask not only to prevent the release of Covid19 virus particles into the surrounding air but to give confidence to other customers and staff to shop and serve without fear. No mask the public wears will save the wearer from inhaling the virus which can build up in the air but will help prevent the wearer releasing bacteria & viruses via droplets which can contaminate surfaces &/or become airborne to be inhaled.

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Wearing a mask in enclosed spaces from what I have come to understand prevents the accumulation of virus particles in the air when breathed out by a Covid19 carrier. Here is a quote from " “Thus, a person spending time in a room with an average emitting patient breathing normally has a realistic chance of inhaling tens to hundreds of copies of the virus even when keeping distance from that person. The situation is worse in the presence of a high emitter and worst if the patient is a coughing high emitter,” the researchers wrote in the paper." This is also worth reading as is this As we are opening up everything & people travel from further afield we have same chance of having asymptomatic carriers in shops as pre-lockdown.

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