Petition Put the £7 million back into the Mental Health Transformation fund.

The Mind over Matter report was the result of a wide-ranging enquiry into emotional and health. It identifies an urgent need to invest in preventative, whole system and early intervention services.

Mental health services are in desperate need for reform and modernisation. The removal of £7 million from this fund will stall this change.

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In 2018, 93 Psychologists, Therapists, Counsellors and people who use mental health services in Wales signed a letter asking Welsh Government to implement the changes the Mind over Matter report recommended -

The global pandemic has affected everyone. Many of us have experienced and will continue to experience distress due to COVID-19. However, those also facing isolation, job insecurity, food poverty, or living in an abusive or stressful household will be significantly more impacted.

The early years of life are vital, but children live in circumstances that they are powerless to change. They cannot think their way out of their problems, and they are dependent on the adults and the community around them.

The mental health transformational fund is also known as the Mental Health Services Improvement Fund (MHSIF). The reference to the mental health transformational fund in this petition refers to that same fund, the MHSIF.

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