Completed petition Set up a Natural History GCSE to help prepare future generations to tackle the threats facing nature

Our natural world has never faced so many man made challenges and threats. The creation of a Welsh Natural History GCSE is now needed more than ever before. We must give future generations the skills and knowledge, which would enable them to tackle many of these global issues.

Re-engagement with the natural world must become a priority of the Welsh Government. Wales could lead the way in preparing our children with the tools needed to tackle the climate emergency and species extinction crises.

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The call for a Natural History GCSE was first led by Mary Colwell who believed that currently young people in the UK do not engage with nature enough and this impacts on both conservation and wellbeing.

The iconic State of Nature report was a wake up call to everyone that we cannot continue with business as usual. It gave us a stark warning that since 1970 the UK had lost 60% of its wildlife and that Britain was one of the most nature depleted countries in the world.

We must teach young people about the global threats of an expanding population; pesticide and herbicide use; land, water and air pollution; the climate emergency; soil loss; intensive farming vs Organic farming; habitat loss; invasive species; species extinction and biodiversity loss; over fishing; single use plastics; deforestation and so, so much more.

We must teach that our lives today and tomorrow are entwined with having a vibrant, abundant and healthy natural world.

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