Rejected petition Wearing face masks / coverings compulsory in all hospitals in Wales

After discovering a certain hospital was the main reason for a spike in Covid-19 numbers in a certain part of Wales, I researched a little bit and found a lot of uncertainty and lack of uniformity around what is happening in regards to face masks/coverings. Do we wear them? Do we not wear them? This petition is to try and get as many people who feel as I do to make it compulsory in hospitals to wear face masks/coverings.

More details

I visited the hospital with my son last week and was told someone would be at the main entrance providing face masks if people didn't have any. Was that the case when I visited? No. Luckily I had brought our own face masks, but when I asked a member of staff if they were able to tell us where to get masks, they had absolutely no idea! Was everyone wearing a facemask/covering when we went inside? No! However, after speaking to numerous people, I have discovered that sometimes there has been someone at the main door checking people had face masks/coverings and if not, they provided them with one, but on other days there was no such things. This needs to change. It needs to be made compulsory - everyone working or visiting in any Welsh hospital HAS to wear a facemask/covering. It's not a big ask, but it is me (and I'm sure many others will agree) asking that we help protect ourselves and others, especially when we know that Covid-19 cases are on the rise within hopsitals.

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