Completed petition The Welsh Government should re-purchase and refurbish Coleg Harlech

Coleg Harlech is made up of a characteristic Admin and Theatre complex, a library, conference room, a number of lecture and computer rooms, a gym, a ten floor hall of residence, a dining hall and a clubhouse and sits in a majestic hill position adjacent to Harlech castle in Gwynedd. The college was established in 1927 as a college of further education for those from a working class background. It was sold to a private buyer in recent years, its furnishings stripped and is now up for sale again

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Coleg Harlech is an unique concept with an unique history set in an unique historical setting; it is a Cymric national treasure that is in the process of being dismantled and sold building by building to the highest bidder for development.

A post Covid-19 world is going to be a totally different world to the pre Covid-19 world we were familiar with. Economies will be destroyed - as we are already witnessing in progress, and nations and economies will need to be rebuilt. Common sense will dictate that all employable tools, in both human and constructional terms are going to be needed to rebuild nations and their economies. Coleg Harlech, if renovated to its former glory, has all the necessary requirements needed to train our unemployed in all the practical, technical and professional skills needed to re-build the structure and economy of our nation for the equal benefit and prosperity of all our people.

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