Closed petition Award teacher predicted grades to all Welsh students for examination 2020

A significant number of Welsh students have been unfairly disadvantaged by the mathematical algorithm applied to them for examination results 2020. This will disadvantage Welsh young people in their future life chances, which is unfair. Scottish students are receiving teacher predicted grades and will therefore be more likely to secure their first choice university place in 2020. This will not be the case for Welsh students. The process does not treat Welsh students as individuals.

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Children, Young People and Education Committee scrutiny

The Children, Young People and Education (CYPE) Committee has been recalled to examine the approach adopted to the awarding of exam results this year. It will be hearing from the Welsh Government, Qualifications Wales and the WJEC. Find more information here: and watch their meeting live on

The Chair of the Petitions Committee has written to the CYPE Committee to highlight this petition and ask for it to be taken into account as part of their examination of these issues. A copy of that letter can be found here:

Welsh Government announcement

The Welsh Government has announced that A level, AS, GCSE, Skills Challenge Certificate and Welsh Baccalaureate grades in Wales will now be awarded on the basis of Centre Assessment Grades. The full statement can be read here: