Completed petition Introduce an Appeals process in Wales for all Centre Assessed Grades for 2020 public exam programme

We were relieved that the Welsh Assembly Government decided that CAGs should form the basis for 2020 exam results. Howerever, what learners need now is a transparent process for appeals against CAGs which may have been lowered due to assessment criteria set by WJEC, disallowing compensatory measures ie variable learner circumstances affecting data.

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Some examples

o learner illness/medical issues causing school absence and missing mock results, topic tests and lowering of tracking data;
o inconsistencies/issues with staffing affecting quality of teaching and impacting on learner data outcomes;
o learners with additional needs who may have been absent, in isolation, or did not receive adequate SEN support and this would impact on all data and excludes potential;
o cared for children who may be experiencing changes to school/foster parents and emotional trauma impacting on data

Qualifications Wales has mentioned in the media their concern that the use of CAGs could include inflated results by teachers. If this concern is viable it is also possible that to offset inflation, teacher bias would use compensatory deflated grades to secure a normal school pattern of performance. It is therefore likely that some students may be disappointed with their CAGs and should have the opportunity to seek appeal with their schools.

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