Closed petition Stop the erosion of Pontypridd’s heritage - save the White Bridge.

We the undersigned ask that the Welsh Government via CADW take action to ensure that the White Bridge in Pontypridd is preserved so that the town does not lose yet another important piece of its and Wales's heritage. Stop the erosion of Wales's heritage.

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The White Bridge was built in 1907 and at the time of its construction was the longest reinforced concrete arch in Britain. It was Grade II listed by CADW on 26 February 2001.
RCT Council have stated their intention is to demolish the bridge following storm damage in early 2020 which they say has made it unsafe. Dafydd Elis Thomas, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, in a letter to Cllr Mike Powell dated 25 June 2020 made clear
“Planning Policy Wales explains that the demolition of any listed building should be considered as exceptional and any such proposal requires the strongest justification, including a heritage impact statement. My officials have emphasised the high level justification that would be required if an application for listed building consent for demolition were to be successful”. Once it's gone it is gone.

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