Closed petition Preventive measures on wireless devices in nurseries and primary schools

We call for the National Assembly of Wales to urge the Welsh Government to adopt a more stringent limit on the use of wireless devices in nurseries and primary schools.

Established health risks must be known to parents/carers.

Parents/carers consent must be ensured in advance before WiFi devices are installed/used.

The percentage results must be transparent to all parents/carers and those with a duty of care.

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Those who decided against WiFi must be provided with a No WiFi zone.

If results show No consent and the school already has WiFi and multiple wireless devices, they must be WiFi/Bluetooth deactivated and educational applications must be pre-programmed onto computers/tablets etc.

​The WHO (World Health Organisation) along with IARC (International Agency for the Research on Cancer) published a monograph evaluation of carcinogenicity of radiation in the radio frequency range of 30 KHZ to 300GHZ electromagnetic spectrum.

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