Petition Relax the excessive restrictions to allow motor sport rallies to take place in Wales.

Car rallies taking place in Wales bring around £15 million into the Welsh economy each year. The impact of COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed on events has decimated the rally community in Wales - affecting jobs, businesses, careers and also having a major impact on rural communities across Wales who benefit from rally 'tourism'. The current restrictions mean it is impossible for organisers to plan ahead into 2021 - meaning many more events, businesses and jobs could be lost permanently.

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Rallying has reacted to the COVID-19 impact and a trial event was held successfully in Cumbria in August. This involved competitors travelling from across the UK to attend an event in a private forest. The event was non-spectator, and strict social distancing guidelines were followed.

Pre-event administration was all completed electronically. There was zero physical interaction between course officials, marshals or timing teams and competitors through the use of digital technology.

There have been no reported cases of COVID-19 since the event ran, and the local area (Penrith) was boosted by hotel rooms being sold and restaurant tables booked.

Rallying in Wales is held in remote, rural parts of the communities, i.e. Dolgellau, Pembrey, Welshpool, Conwy, Neath Valley, Builth Wells. Social distancing can be followed, and events can be run to be as COVID-19 compliant as possible.

Currently, it is impossible to organise a motor rally in Wales due to the restrictions imposed.

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