Petition Adapt the teacher training syllabus to include Transformational Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

Currently we lose 42% of Newly Qualified Teachers within 2 years due to workload pressure & burn outs. Adding the proposed subjects to the syllabus will give teachers a new skill-set to support with current pressures & also enable our next generation of children to develop resilience & to better understand their emotions. Neuroscience is evolving & evidence points to a much needed change. This will firmly impact the mental health of our next generation of children & Educators.

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A lack of education towards our own internal systems & thought processes, is causing a rise in poor mental health. As times change, we must adapt. As an Ex Teacher, I understand the pressures that the system is under. Learning the strong skills of emotional intelligence, the soft skills of ‘Language Alchemy’ & transformational coaching will not only equip the teachers to manage the stressors of the role, but also support building mental fortitude. They can then pass these tools on to pupils, creating a new culture of self-awareness.
They will understand:
•The impact of language on the body & the deep-rooted questioning techniques that will allow them to self-coach through pressures & also teach our children how to self-coach
•Clearing negative language loops
•Understanding the components of our habits
•Reframe their internal dialogue: to become strategic with their thought patterns & release negative emotions
•Coach others during pivotal moments & downward spirals: in a calm manner.

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