Rejected petition A stronger voice for disability is needed at all parliamentary levels across Wales

One in five people have some form of disability within Wales according to ONS in 2015. It has never been more important that our central and local governments represent the disabled community here in Wales. With the next Senedd election just around the corner, we need to make sure that our political parties are truly listening to the voices of the disabled community. Through this petition, we hope to show the Welsh central and local governments that a stronger voice is need for disability.

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According to Welsh Goverment between 2015 and 2017 there were 397,600 people with a disability here in Wales. Going off the latest populations figures here in Wales, 13% of the population had a disability.

Over one in five people of working age in Wales have a
disability. According to ONS over 300,000 disabled people were unemployed here in the U.K.

As example of why we need a stronger voice for disability in Wales - 21 per cent of rail stations in Wales do not have step-free access, and at the current rate stations will not be accessible till 2070 according to Leonard Cheshire Wales.

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