Petition The Welsh Government to put in place a dedicated disability Minister within the next term of Government.

With one in five people here in Wales living with a disability according to ONS. It has never been more important for Wales to become a truly inclusive nation for all it citizens. We want Wales to become the first devolved nation to have it own dedicated disability Minister. With a dedicated minister focusing on disability can we make bigger strives towards, a fairer employment system, more opportunities for disabled students and greater support for mental health.

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Examples of statistics of disability in Wales.

(1)Over one in five people of working age in Wales have a disability.

(2)21 per cent of rail stations in Wales do not have step-free access, and at the current rate stations will not be accessible till 2070.

(3)1 in 4 people have a mental health problem.

(4)330,000 unemployed disabled people last year. Last year 81.8% Non-disabled people were employed compared to 53.2% of disabled people at the same time from ONS (U.K)

These are just a few examples of why having a dedicated disability minister within the Welsh Government can sort these matters surrounding disability within Wales.


(2)Leonard Cheshire. Trains for All Campaign, 2019

(3)ONS, Psychiatric Morbidity, 2007


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