Rejected petition We call on the Welsh Govt to immediately introduce a National Universal Basic Income for Wales.

We call on the Welsh Government to:

Announce an emergency Universal Basic Income. Set at a sufficient level, unconditional & universally applied. This is the ONLY way to keep Welsh citizens safe in the near & longer term.

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We are in both an acute immediate crisis as well as an established longer term socio-economic crisis in Wales, with one exacerbating the other.
Covid-19 alongside the long term decline in the socio-economic well being of Wales, highlighted by the continual growth of people in Wales, especially children, living in poverty has resulted in the immediate necessity for a sufficient Universal Basic Income to be instituted.

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that the Senedd or Welsh Government is not responsible for.

The Government of Wales Act 2006 establishes the extent of the Senedd’s power to make new laws and amend existing law (also known as legislative competence). Schedules 7A and 7B of the 2006 Act set out the issues which are ‘restricted’ or ‘reserved’ - i.e. areas where the UK Parliament, not the Senedd, can legislate.

Paragraph 130 of Schedule 7A reserves powers over social security schemes supported from public funds to the UK Parliament. The Explanatory Notes to Schedule 7A provide that forms of financial assistance which are directly administered and funded by central or local government (whether in whole or in part) such as social security benefits, state pensions, allowances, grants, loans or any other form of financial assistance are reserved. It is expressly stated that the Senedd does not have competence to legislate in relation to the setting up or financing of benefit schemes which are established for social security purposes.

As a result, it is not possible for the Senedd to take the action called for by your petition.

Further information about the legislative powers of the Senedd can be found here:

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