Rejected petition Provide eye tests and glasses for free on the NHS every 2 years

Many people across Wales require the wearing of glasses to correct eyesight. They may not have any complex conditions, but without some form of optical aid, they are unable to see clearly. It is also recommended to visit an optician every 2 years if this is the case.

For people without complex conditions, over the age of 18 and need to wear glasses, they are not available for free despite being necessary to see.

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They can cost as much as £70, and in some cases higher, for basic glasses, and this is made even worse by the fact the eye test itself is also charged for on top. It's simply not right nor fair for people who need to wear glasses to have to fork out their own money to be able to see.

It feels more like an added form of taxation for the privilege of being able to see properly, something many people may take for granted as they do not need to wear glasses at all.

It treats eyesight like a luxury product, as if it's something people can live without. In reality, for people who need to wear glasses, not being able to do so can lead to far worse conditions resulting in full blindness, which is devastating for people.

The eye test and prescription glasses should be free once every 2 years for those who need them.

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